Obstetrics Treatment

The health of a woman is a very important facet of our portfolio. Women face several issues that need to be addressed periodically. Our team of expert obstetricians offers the highest quality diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical and counseling services for women. Various treatments provided include painless delivery, normal delivery, forceps delivery, management of high-risk pregnancy, etc. State of art modern equipment is used to offer complete care and to expectant mothers. Round the clock fully rained obstetricians offer superb care. The labor units are equipped with intrapartum monitors, operational facilities and various kinds of fetal care systems that are provided as soon as the decision to deliver the baby is taken. Our team of obstetricians is accompanied by specialized nurses who are committed to providing caring and empathetic touch to both first time and experienced mothers. Pregnancy is a phase which encompasses lots of ups and downs. A woman undergoes physical and hormonal changes during this period and it is with the help of an expert obstetrician she is able to enjoy this special phase in her life to the fullest. The obstetrics team is supported by other specialists such as Neonatal surgeons, Hematologists, Cardiologists, etc. Our aim is to render supreme care and expert treatment to women at affordable rates.

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Test reviews in order to evaluate if rapid care is needed.


Monitor fetal heart rate & address any issues immediately.


Observe evolving changes in mother and unborn child.


Review your personal medical records with you and hospital.

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